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2 September 2011

Friday fold: duplex structure in the gastropod limestone

The Friday fold is a gorgeously deformed “duplex structure” in Mesozoic limestones of southwestern Montana.


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4 June 2010

Straight nautiloid fossil

It seems I forgot to show this fossil when I found it in February of last year with my MSSE advisor John Graves. We were out in the Needmore Formation of the Fort Valley then. The Needmore is a formation I visited again yesterday with some colleagues in other outcrops further to the west. In shade (penny for scale): In sideways-angled sunlight (thumb for scale): I’ll debrief yesterday’s field trip …


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25 February 2010

Lola → ammonite

Seeing my cat in this posture: …made me think of this: Where did those hind legs go?


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