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1 January 2011

GoSF10: The San Andreas Fault & Mussel Rock

The final episode of the 10-part “Geology of San Francisco” series concludes with a visit to the spot where the San Andreas Fault runs off the edge of California and down into the sea. Mussel Rock, site of the opening vignette of John McPhee’s “Assembling California” is located there.


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24 May 2010

The coming flood

In January, a large landslide occurred in the Hunza Valley of Pakistan’s Karakoram Range, near the village of Attabad. Like the Madison River landslide in Montana (1959), or the Gros Ventre landslide in Wyoming (1925), a river was dammed by the slide debris, and the impounded waters began to rise. At Gros Ventre, the landslide-dammed lake overtopped the debris and caused a catastrophic flood which killed 6 people in Kelly, …


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16 February 2010

Mini debris flow

Small-scale debris flows as a muddy slurry flowed over weathered-out chunks of the Bishop Tuff. Probably about two days old. Southern edge of the Volcanic Tableland, last September.


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