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13 October 2010

Lola, the cartoonist's companion

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any photos of my supremely helpful cat Lola on the blog, so here you go: Lola loves to sit on paper, so when I break out the sketchbook to start working on my monthly cartoon for EARTH magazine, she sidles right up and stakes a claim. Fortunately, I was able to continue working in this case, as she wasn’t perched on the “active …


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23 June 2010

The routine

It’s that time of year for me… summer’s here, and I’m winding up my duties at NOVA in preparation for some travels. We leave Sunday night for two weeks in Turkey, followed by my regional field geology course in Montana (also two weeks), followed by some family time and mountain climbing in New Hampshire (three weeks), including hiking the Presidential Range. This summer, as I have done for the past …


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11 May 2010

Lola and the maps

My cat Lola has a thing for big sheets of paper, particularly maps. Here she is this morning, “helping” me plan a summer trip to Turkey:


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25 February 2010

Lola → ammonite

Seeing my cat in this posture: …made me think of this: Where did those hind legs go?


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13 February 2010

Lola "helps" with grading

My cat loves to sit on, or lie on, paper. Maps are here favorite, but she will take a pile of structural geology labs instead, if that’s all that’s available.


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8 February 2010

Ghost Lola

A shot of my cat Lola in the bright winter sunlight:


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