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9 December 2010

Animated laminae

More of the new scientific medium* I showed you on Wednesday: animated GIFs of super-small stuff, to give a sense of depth. This time, I included a 1 mm scale bar: These are laminations of silt and clay in the rhythmites of the lower Konnarock Formation. If the above image moves too fast for your eye to keep up with, here’s another version of it, which is set to a …


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4 December 2010

Reduction rims?

Another look at Konnarock Formation diamictite, showing colorful reaction “halos” around some clasts.


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1 December 2010

The Konnarock Formation

A detailed description of one of the Virginia Blue Ridge’s most intriguing geologic formations: a maroon sedimentary sequence showing the advance of “Snowball Earth” glaciers in the Neoproterozoic.


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17 November 2010

Fall at NOVA Annandale

Just to share the autumn color wonder that the east coast can be… here’s a shot of our “lake” on campus from the week before last.


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