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15 April 2015

Spring time

This past weekend, I had a chance to visit Bath, Highland, and Alleghany Counties, Virginia, three amazingly beautiful places I had never before seen. I was tagging along on my colleague Rick Diecchio’s annual sedimentology & stratigraphy field trip for George Mason University. I was eager to learn from some awesome field sites from him in the year before he retires. We saw some terrific sedimentary rocks, of which more …


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22 August 2013

Natural Bridge, Virginia

Our three-day karst theme wraps up today with a visit to Natural Bridge, Virginia, an impressive sight: I went to Natural Bridge early last week to give a talk to a group of Road Scholars (an Elderhostel-like program) about the Snowball Earth. Part of my compensation for the talk was a night’s lodging at the Natural Bridge hotel, meals, and tickets to the Natural Bridge’s suite of six tourist attractions, …


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21 August 2013

A visit to Luray Caverns

To continue with the karst theme I initiated yesterday, let me share a few photos today from a visit last week to Luray Caverns, a large show cave in Page County, Virginia near the town of Luray. This was my first visit to Luray Caverns since I was a child. Probably it had been thirty years since I last trod these limestone halls… It was nice to go back. While …


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20 August 2013

A new old sinkhole on Oranda Road

Take a look at this… Doesn’t look like much, does it? But it’s actually the surface expression of a vast, long-lived sinkhole. If you walk over to the hole and look in, you can’t see the bottom. It’s semi-supported by limestone boulders, but between the boulders, the soil and gravel filter down, down, down, like the sands in an hourglass. My friend and neighbor Diane Artz Furlong, who also shared …


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