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2 June 2016

Flood deposits of Glacial Lake Missoula outburst floods

Two weeks ago, I went on an awesome, informal field trip to eastern Washington State to visit the Channeled Scablands for the first time. My collegue Bill Richards of North Idaho College picked me up in Spokane and drove me halfway across Washington and back to Moscow, Idaho, over the course of a day. This is a region of the country where a glacier-dammed valley filled up with water (Glacial …


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30 July 2011

Alluvial fan at Emerald Lake, B.C.

On my hike to the Burgess Shale earlier this week, we encountered some great geology as well as paleontology. For instance, consider this rather epic alluvial fan, spilling out of the Presidential Range to the northwest of Fossil Ridge and Mount Burgess, and rapidly filling the Emerald Lake basin. Here’s a Google Map link to the location.


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13 February 2010

Faulted moraine

Continuing with the recounting of geological sights in the Owens Valley, California, area… This one is in the Pine Creek area. Take a look at this photo: No, that’s not just a portrait of Jeff Lee and his awesome handlebar mustache. Look behind Jeff, on the hillside above. See the little step down that the hill takes? Let’s zoom in: Still can’t see it? Here, allow me to annotate it …


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