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8 June 2011

A rose quartz gravestone

On Monday when I went to Powell’s grave, I noticed a few “boulder with a plaque” gravestones, the most distinctive of which was this lovely chunk of rose quartz: Quartz is a good choice, since it’s very very very stable at Earth surface conditions, and thus will stick around a lot longer than, say, a marble tombstone. I still think I’d rather opt for a rock bearing tectonic structures or …


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7 June 2011

The grave of John Wesley Powell

Callan visits the grave of John Wesley Powell, second director of the USGS and explorer of the Grand Canyon, on an afternoon in Arlington National Cemetery.


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24 May 2011

Three other interesting gravestones

While exploring the Rock Creek Cemetery last week, I noticed a couple of other interesting graves. This one, made of limestone, shows nice “reverse” cross-bedding: Here; I dialed up the contrast a bit to highlight these cool primary structures: It’s “reverse” because the tilting direction of the cross-beds switches from left (at the bottom) to right (for the bulk of the section). Ergo, the current started off flowing towards the …


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21 May 2011

The grave of Charles Walcott

Callan pays a visit to the grave of celebrated paleontologist and geological administrator Charles D. Walcott.


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