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8 August 2012

Armored mud balls

Ever seen an armored mud ball? In this post, Callan encounters a small herd of these geological oddities in a coulee in southern Alberta.


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18 October 2011

Pure silliness

Just because I felt like making something silly…


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5 October 2011

Two Sisters

All this talk about footprints and tail traces, and I haven’t even shown you any “for sure” dinosaur fossils. Well, let’s remedy that today. We return now to the scene: exposures of the Jurassic Morrison Formation, on the east side of the Bighorn Basin, just north of Shell, Wyoming. I was wandering around, finding things like ripples and lichens and cobbles of chert that had multiple intersecting conchoidal fractures, and …


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4 October 2011

Tall tail

Okay, so I was out photographing ripples and admiring lichens, and then I saw this: That’s a rippled slab of sandstone, but with a linear groove that obliquely cross-cuts the ripple marks. Smaller, parallel grooves lie within the main groove. Here’s another look at that same one, spun around and zoomed-in: It looks as if something was dragged through the wet sand at this location, prior to its lithification. Given …


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6 September 2011

Callan gets friendly with dinosaur

At the Sheridan College natural history museum, this past summer.


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27 June 2011

Team Rockies 2011

Our field class visited the Museum of the Rockies yesterday. Here’s the full team!


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25 June 2011

A major discovery

Visiting Butch Dooley and crew on a dinosaur dig in the Jurassic Morrison Formation on Wednesday morning, I did a lot of wandering around the area, dubbed the Two Sisters site. I noticed something in the sandstone at the top of one hillock, and thought it looked like a sauropod footprint: (The depression is filled in with modern mud.) I took a photo, and thought, I need to ask Butch …


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30 November 2010

Scenes from the Virginia Museum of Natural History

The author describes a quick visit to the Virginia Museum of Natural History in Martinsville, Virginia, on his way back to DC from Thanksgiving travel. Highlights: a dinosaur, a giant stromatolite, encrusting crinoids (they do that?) and a giant ground sloth.


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