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23 August 2014

An examination of the Horseshoe Canyon Formation in eastern Alberta

An expert on the deltaic depositional setting of eastern Alberta’s Horseshoe Canyon Formation shares field evidence and expertise with Callan’s students.


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6 August 2014

Guest post: Glaciolacustrine deltas in the Canadian Rockies

One of Callan’s “Canadian Rockies” field course students supplies a guest post about deltas that build out into glacial lakes.


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23 January 2012

An ancient delta at the Three Rondawels?

Here’s a look at what you see if you go to the Three Rondawels viewpoint above the Blyde River Nature Reserve in northern South Africa: A lovely scene. The three mega-hoodoos on the left are the eponymous “rondawels” (pronounced ron-da-vulz), which is the Afrikaans word for a round hut. These erosional remnants are more or less cylindrical and of the same dimensional ratio as the huts, so this name seems …


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28 March 2011

A glacial delta complex in western Pennsylvania

A week ago Saturday, my three Honors students and I went on a field trip led by Gary Fleeger of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey, to examine some cool glacial features in western Pennsylvania. The trip was associated with the joint meeting of the northeastern & north-central sections of the Geological Society of America, held in Pittsburgh. My favorite part of the trip was examining a glacial delta complex near Jacksville, …


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29 April 2010

Sistine Delta

Today’s imagery put me in mind of two hands reaching for one another: What do you think? Shocking coincidence? Or a bit of a stretch?


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9 March 2010

Emriver in action

Today, a few photos of my spring Environmental Geology class doing a New Orleans Case Study lab using our lovely Emriver river process simulator: That’s it. I mainly shot these photos for Steve Gough, as NOVA is participating in the new grant he submitted to NSF, but I figured I would share them here, too. The students gave permission for the use of their images. I’ll blog up the Emriver …


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