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15 August 2013

Disconformity in northern Colorado

Have a look at this lovely (almost glowing) example of a disconformity between Coloradan limestone and overlying sandstone.


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14 August 2013

What do you see here?

Any observations? Any subsequent interpretations?


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27 March 2013

Video book review: two new titles from Mountain Press

A new video book review! Under discussion today are two new books from Mountain Press: Geology Underfoot Along Colorado’s Front Range by Lon Abbott and Terri Cook, and Arizona Rocks! by T. Scott Bryan. Enjoy! [youtube=””]


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10 April 2012

Macro GigaPans of Florissant insect fossils

Today, for your viewing pleasure, please check out five macro GigaPans of insect fossils from the Florissant fossil beds in Colorado (34.07 +/-0.10Ma). These amazing specimens were collected by Joe Cancellare, a student working on research supervised by Josh Villalobos of El Paso Community College in El Paso, Texas. Our M.A.G.I.C. project is helping Joe and Josh out by producing macro GigaPans for them. link link link link link All …


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28 September 2011

Roadside wonders of Route 287

Northern Colorado’s route 287 connects Fort Collins, Colorado with Laramie, Wyoming. Along its length, it displays roadcuts into Archean-aged basement complex. Two of these outcrops are featured in this post: one metamorphic (mostly), and a second igneous (mostly), with some intriguing polka-dotted plutons.


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12 August 2011

Friday fold: ptygmatic granitoid dikelet

That’s from the side of route 287, somewhere between Fort Collins, Colorado, and the Wyoming border. Though I took this shot >6 weeks ago on my outward-bound trip, today I find myself back in Fort Collins on the eastward leg of my summer road jaunt. And you know what one does in Fort Collins. Happy Friday!


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