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16 June 2011

Lawhorne Mill High Strain Zone

Callan attends a field trip in the Blue Ridge of Virginia, looking first at a Paleozoic shear zone that disrupts (and improves) Mesoproterozoic basement complex rocks.


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15 May 2011

A gruesome kill

Camping this weekend; when we took the rain fly off the tent this morning, we found this gruesome scene of a predator and its prey, a miniature drama that played itself out above our heads while we slept: I love macro photography of critters like these… tiny dramas revealed!


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7 May 2011

Pseudoscorpion sighting at Thoroughfare Gap

On the original version of this blog, I showed off a couple of pseudoscorpions that I found under a rock in Montana. On Tuesday, poking around at pollen-ific Thoroughfare Gap with my Honors student Troy, I found another one. Looked like the same thing. See for yourself. I shot a bunch of macro shots with my Canon Elph; here’s the best five, severely cropped. This bugger was small! Cool, eh? …


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12 September 2010

Scenes from a drill campaign

The past couple of days, I’ve been in the field, collecting samples with Dr. Fatim Hankard, a post-doctoral researcher from the University of Michigan, and Matt Domeier, a PhD candidate from that same fine school. We’re interested in using Virginia’s wealth of Catoctin formation feeder dikes to do paleomagnetism measurements that might help us constrain the latitude of Virginia during the emplacement of these dikes during the Neoproterozoic. More later …


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