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31 March 2016

This week’s batch of 3D models

Anorthosite with lovely garnet reaction rims, a spherical hematite concretion, and some sweet breccia. Check them out and explore!


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17 March 2016

A GIGAmacro view of the front and back of an anorthosite cobble

Here are two views of a single anorthosite cobble, collected in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York: Raw, natural surface: Link Slabbed and polished surface: Link As you zoom in and explore these GIGAmacro images, see if you can find the delicate little “necklaces” (reaction rims) of garnet wrapping around the few isolated pyroxenes!


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16 November 2011

Labradorite is mineral du jour

Other members of the geoblogosphere have been posting brief image-heavy missives on labradorite over the past 24 hours. Collectively, they remind me that I’ve got a backlog of photos from the Adirondacks of upstate New York to share. Here are a few scans of cut and polished cobbles of the anorthosite from the Adirondack Massif, including bluish crystals of labradorite. What I find most lovely about these, though, is not …


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16 August 2010

Pine Marten, Adirondacks

Hello everyone, I’m back in my office after 7 weeks away. I had some great travels this summer, to Turkey, Montana, and New England… and great geological photos to share from each of those locations. I’m going to start off with something non-geological, though: something furry and alive! That, my friends, is a pine marten, a smaller relative of the fisher (“fisher cat,” in the local parlance) and a member …


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