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25 February 2023

Bird update February 2023

Click to enlarge February has zipped by, but then again it’s a short month. I’ve continued birding intensively this month, so I’ll provide another update like I did last month. I’ve racked up 71 species this month, and pushed my 2023 total up to 77 (from January’s ending total of 66). The past few days have been very productive, as unseasonably warm temperatures have drawn north some early birds, such …


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21 February 2023

Recent rocks

Trying to dredge up some blogging inspiration, but honestly I’m feeling underrested and overworked these days, and not particularly enthusiastic about writing. But here are some cool rocks I’ve seen lately; maybe you’ll find them interesting… Antietam Formation quartzite at Sherando Lake, Virginia: I was struck by how sugary the texture was, and the interesting joint patterns resulting in kind of bulbous forms.   Graded bed of bioclastic debris, Martinsburg …


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10 February 2023

Friday fold: Kelvin-Helmholtz waves in granite?

Reader Christian Gronau returns with another “guest Friday fold” submission. Christian writes, Greetings from a cold and wet west coast.   A good time to root through old rock samples   –  and let the imagination run free …  The little compilation below strikes me as visually compelling (both photographs are mine)  –  but how likely is it that the suggested analogy has any merit ? Would it have some …


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3 February 2023

Friday fold: Kyanite quartzite

A return to the “video Friday fold” format:


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