29 January 2021

Friday fold: revisiting the Geoscience Communication Pardee Symposium

Posted by Callan Bentley

I have two Friday folds for you today, both by geovisualizers who contributed to the 2019 Geological Society of America Pardee Symposium on Geoscience Communication in Phoenix, Arizona:

The first is a painting by talented geoartist Emma Theresa Jude, showing a fold at Caithness, Scotland. The fold in question can be seen at the site of Figure 5 of this paper.

I love Emma’s art. What other lovely folds have you seen in fine art?

The second is a luminous photomicrograph by Bernardo Cesare, showing a substantial garnet porphyroblast (right) in a tightly folded graphitic schist (the folded bit) from the Tauern Window of the eastern Alps.

Nobody makes thin section imagery like Bernardo does. There’s also a paper to be cited here: In this case, it’s one making the point that garnet can be tetragonal rather than cubic.

I look back on that Pardee art show with great pride – we really brought together some of the most amazing geovisualizers in one place for a glorious day. It’s so nice to see the contributors are continuing to churn out amazing images into 2021….

Peace be with you, friends. Happy Friday.