17 April 2020

Friday fold: Episode 14 of “Rock du jour”

Posted by Callan Bentley

I’ve been making a little daily video series over the past couple of weeks about rocks I have at my home – a quarantine-driven focus on the samples at hand around the house (as well as a few local outcrops). In many of the videos, I’m joined by my son, who know goes by the title “Mini-Professor,” though in this one from a few days ago (14th in the series), I fly solo:

I offer that one here now, since it features a folded rock, and today is Friday. I owe you that!

The videos are intended to be informal, semi-goofy, and unpolished. I’m learning about video production as I go, which is interesting to me, but the resulting videos definitely are certainly not especially polished! Don’t get your expectations up too high. If you want to explore the whole “Rock du jour” series, here’s a link to my YouTube channel.

I hope you are healthy in these unhealthy times.