25 January 2019

Friday folds: more Marli Miller

Posted by Callan Bentley

I’ve reached the bottom of my larder of fold photos, so today I’m perusing the many beautiful images on Marli Miller’s Geology Pics website. We have featured some of her photos previously, you may recall.

Folded felsic dike in mylonitic rock–indicates deformation continued after intrusion. Okanogan Metamorphic Core Complex, Washington:

Folded radiolarian (ribbon) chert, Oregon. These rocks belong to the Jurassic Otter Point Formation. Photo is about 15 meters across:

Folded schist in New Zealand’s southern Alps. Photo is about 0.5 m across:

This last one doesn’t have location information, but it’s a synform too perfect to neglect, so let’s close our gallery out with that image:

Happy Friday all!

And, I suppose it also needs to be said: Unhappy Day 35 of the U.S. federal government shutdown.