11 January 2019

Friday fold: more from Utah

Posted by Callan Bentley

Octavia Sawyer offers us up another folded scene from Utah for our first Friday fold of the year:

What a beauty that is! I love those colors.

Octavia says:

I’m still sorting through all my hiking photos from last summer, and I just came across this set. This location is northeast of the huge anticline in Slate Canyon that you posted in September. The first photo (A) shows an anticline in the left foreground that looks a lot like the one from September. It’s not the same exposure, although it’s the same kind of rock (Big Cottonwood fm). The situation behind and to the right of the anticline is what I was actually trying to photograph. It looks like maybe another anticline(s) that got faulted after it was folded? The way it appears to undulate into and out of the ground reminded me of those sea serpents they used to draw on Renaissance maps. Photos A and B were both taken from halfway up the opposite (north facing) wall of the canyon; photo C was taken from the bottom of the canyon, looking downhill toward the “serpent.” The colors are a little wonky in the third photo; at that altitude (over 6,000 ft) the light is so bright that my camera sometimes has trouble dealing with it.

Zooming in on the upper right [her third photo], where these delightful parasitic folds (“the sea serpent”) can be seen:

Thanks for sharing, Octavia!