14 December 2018

Friday fold: Titus Canyon Anticline

Posted by Callan Bentley

It’s time for another guest Friday fold! This one comes to us from Nathan Niemi of the University of Michigan.

Nathan writes that this is

an aerial view of the Titus Canyon Anticline in Titus Canyon, Death Valley National Park, looking to the northwest. The fold is cored in the lower Paleozoic Zabriskie Quartzite and Wood Canyon Formation (brick-red bed at right), and the overlying middle Paleozoic Carrara Formation (shales and limestones) is detaching from the Zabriskie and forming the tight, prominent fold in the center of the photo. The dark gray rocks to the left are overturned upper Paleozoic carbonates of the Bonanza King Formation.

Thanks for sharing, Nathan – what a great view of a great structure! I found it in Google Maps if anyone is interested in exploring the local context with that tool.

Happy Friday, all.