1 June 2018

Friday fold: a quartet from Marli Miller’s website

Posted by Callan Bentley

Marli Miller is a senior instructor at the University of Oregon. She is the author of Roadside Geology of Oregon and (with Darrel Cowan) Roadside Geology of Washington. She’s also a very talented geological photographer. She launched a website recently to showcase her work and make it available for instructors: Geology Pics. After chatting with Marli a bit in Flagstaff at the Rocky Mountain / Cordilleran section meetings of GSA a few weeks ago, I got her permission to share a small sample of her lovely fold photos with you here.

Similar folds (passive folding) in marble and quartzite. Rock is of the Plattenkalk Series, Crete, Greece:

Axial planar cleavage and folds in quartzite:

>Proterozoic Banded Iron Formation, folded into asymmetric anticline:

Soft-sediment deformation expressed as folded Pliocene lakebeds of the Coso Formation, SE California:

There are many more awesome fold photos to be seen at Marli’s Geology Pics website, as well as geology themed images on many other subjects. Go check it out and explore!

Thanks for sharing, Marli.