26 January 2018

Friday fold: eastern Andes

Posted by Callan Bentley

This image graces the cover of the new report, Challenges and opportunities for research in tectonics: Understanding deformation and the processes that link Earth systems, from geologic time to human time. A community vision document submitted to the U.S. National Science Foundation:

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The photo is of a

landscape in the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes, southern Peru, showing folded Permian carbonates cut by a normal fault (dipping to the left). The snow-covered peaks (left background) were carried over rocks in the foreground by a reverse fault during Cenozoic shortening and construction of the Andes.

The photo is by N.D. Perez. There are a lot of other great images in the report. Check it out! All figures are available for community useĀ in presentations and teaching with attribution (the Figure Credits are outlined in the report’s back matter).