5 January 2018

Friday fold: Scott Paterson in Tasmania

Posted by Callan Bentley

My friend Vali Memeti posted this photo of her husband Scott Paterson examining some folded rocks on the coast of Tasmania last week. It looks like Vali and Scott enjoyed a fun excursion to this “Even Further” Down Under location.

This is the Sulphur Creek geologic site, part of a geocache suite called “Created from Chaos,” though I don’t get too much additional information from their website. Presumably the rocks are sedimentary: shales and siltstones by the look of it(???). I’d love to learn more if anyone knows the geology of Sulphur Creek, Tasmania.

Scott was really helpful to me when I was a grad student, showing me around in the Sierra Nevada when I was working on documenting fabrics in the Sierra Crest Shear Zone System. I’m pleased to see him exploring awesome structural geology around the world!

Happy First Friday of the New Year, all. May 2018 be foldiriferic for you and yours!