8 December 2017

Friday fold: Alpine cross sections by Albert Heim

Posted by Callan Bentley

In preparing for my GSW Presidential address earlier this week, I spent an hour or two leafing through a digital copy of Albert Heim’s Geologie der Schweiz (1916, 1922) and I was just blown away by the awesomeness of this sequence of cross-sections that Heim drew showing the intensely deformed structure of the Alps:

This image is both a masterpiece of art, a masterpiece of layout, and of course it’s also the culmination of an uncountable number of hours in the field traipsing over the surface of these mighty peaks, documenting the attitude of the strata, and reconciling their many orientations on a sequence of geologic maps. Heim’s work is extraordinary. Images like this are an inspiration to structurally oriented folks like myself.

Vielen Dank für diesen Freitag falten, Herr Heim.
(Hopefully Google translate made that work…)