13 May 2017

Slump palimpsest, Corridor H

Posted by Callan Bentley

There’s a section of my favorite road, the lovely nowhere-to-nowhere Corridor H, that seems to be having some issues with slumping. I noted this in November of 2015, and I return to the topic today. Here’s a look at the slope, with old drainage “French drains” installed, and a fresh scarp transecting it just the same:

I see at least three small scarps there.

A short distance further to the east, there’s another example of a fresh (post-treatment) scarp:

This is the one I photographed previously.

Click to enlarge


Particularly striking, I think, is where this scarp cuts clean across one of the downslope-oriented drainage structures:

Clearly, this slope has slipped before, then highway engineers attempted to stabilize it, and then it slipped anew.