23 September 2016

Friday fold: Shetland geopark rock wall at Northmavine

Posted by Callan Bentley

Here’s our Friday fold: a rock wall constructed as part of Geopark Shetland, right at a skinny little isthmus between the main part of mainland Shetland and the peninsula called Northmavine:

rockwall-smClick to embiggen

Here it is in Google Maps “Streetview,” on the left, just before the WELCOME TO NORTHMAVINE sign on the hill.

To see the folds, zoom into the right side of this artistic representation of the region’s geology:



These kinky Dalradian metapelites can be found in profusion at the Walls Boundary Fault outcrops near Ollaberry. That’s where they collected the samples that ultimately were used as building blocks in making this wall.




I love the idea of these rock walls as durable, meaningful representations of the geology of a place.