10 June 2016

Green River Formation stromatolite – a virtual sample

Posted by Callan Bentley

Today concludes a weeklong run of┬ávirtual samples. For the past five days, I’ve been presenting examples of a visualization combination that leverages the advantages of the GIGAmacro system with the 3D ‘virtual sample’ perspective of the Sketchfab-hosted model: the same sample presented in both formats.

Today, we finish up with a stromatolite from the hypersaline Wilkins Creek member of the Eocene-aged Green River Formation of southwestern Wyoming:

Link GIGAmacro by Callan Bentley

Photoscan model by Marissa Dudek

This is such a neat little piece of Earth history – I’m a fan of complete stromatolites so tidy and compact that they can be tucked into a pocket. This one has little papilliform bumps on it – like the taste buds on your tongue. In three dimensions, its overall domelike shape (convex up) is readily apparent.

Enjoy your exploration of this virtual sample.