9 June 2016

Storm deposits in Tonoloway Fm. limestone – a virtual sample

Posted by Callan Bentley

Our series of  virtual samples continues! This week, I’m presenting examples of a visualization combination that leverages the advantages of the GIGAmacro system with the 3D ‘virtual sample’ perspective of the Sketchfab-hosted model: the same sample presented in both formats.

Today, we feature a lovely slab of limestone, chock full of fossil material, and showing both primary sedimentary structures like graded bedding and cavity fills (both geopetal indicators), but also stylolites and small mineralized joints and faults:

Link GIGAmacro by Robin Rohrback

Photoscan model by Marissa Dudek

With this sample, I’m not sure that the 3D version adds too much to the understanding of the processes at work, since it’s been trimmed with a saw on both of the main two sides. But it does at least afford a glimpse of the “dark side of the sample,” which the GIGAmacro version doesn’t include.