17 March 2016

3D virtual sample of a deep sea pillow basalt

Posted by Callan Bentley

Our local NSF geoscience education guru, Jill Karsten, is retiring. She and her husband, Rodey Batiza, are packing up their lives and moving back home, vacating the Beltway for good. This might be viewed as a shame as far as geoscience education funding is concerned: Jill has made her mark acting as an advocate of diversifying the geoscience workforce. I hope they get someone similarly awesome to replace her at NSF. But it’s not a shame as far as NOVA’s rock collection is concerned…

When geologists retire, they get rid of their rocks! And since our campus is just down the road from them, Jill dropped off a box full of goodies for us a few weeks ago. I decided to use one of the pillow basalts therein as the subject of my first Agisoft Photoscan 3D digital model. (Previously I showed one that my colleague Alan Pitts made.)

Here it is:

Note that unlike the previously-featured sample, this one has simple point annotations on it – a boon to those interested in teaching or outreach.

Thoughts? Comments? Enjoy spinning it around and zooming in and out!