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26 June 2015

Friday fold: Subvertical carbonates

Another Friday, another Friday fold from Howard Allen: Folds in near-vertical beds, north side of Grizzly Creek, Opal Range, Alberta. Beds are Carboniferous carbonates, Mount Head and Etherington formations. Enjoy your day!


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19 June 2015

Friday fold: subglacial drag fold (Pleistocene) in Cretaceous sediments, Alberta

Howard Allen, a retired petroleum geologist from Calgary, and longtime reader of this blog, contributed this week’s Friday fold: Subglacial drag fold (Pleistocene) in Upper Cretaceous Horseshoe Canyon Fm. bedrock (sandstone, shale). The locality is SE of Drumheller, AB at UTM 12U 394247 5692469 (WGS84). Did you hear that right? Yes, you did: This is Cretaceous aged sedimentary rock, folded by a Pleistocene glacier, tens of millions of years after …


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12 June 2015

Friday fold: Flow banding in obsidian, Newberry Volcano National Monument, Oregon

Lockwood Dewitt is the purveyor of this week’s Friday fold ensemble: All these folds are primary (not tectonic) in nature: they are flow banding of the viscous lava that oozed out to make the Big Obsidian Flow at Newberry. And closer in: One more: Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing, Lockwood! Happy Friday, everyone!


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