4 July 2014

Friday fold: Warspite Anticline

Posted by Callan Bentley

A final guest Friday fold from reader Howard Allen, who I’m pleased to be meeting up with in Banff late next week…


Howard writes the following in describing this lovely scene:

Warspite Anticline, Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Alberta. Photo is a telephoto shot (hence the strong blue alpine haze–the colour cast is an accurate rendition of the original daylight Kodachrome slide), looking southwest at an angle to regional strike. The peak at top centre is Mount Joffre, the highest peak in the area. The dark peak in centre, on the left limb of the anticline, is Mount Warspite. Photo was taken in 1998 from the summit of the north end of “Kent Ridge” (= the western ridge of Mount Inflexible) at 50.7706, -115.2210. The peaks in the middle ground, with nearly vertical bedding, between Mt. Warspite and Mt. Joffre, belong to Mount Lyautey. This view shows the opposite (north) side of Lyautey, and the Lyautey Syncline. The syncline axis is hidden in this view by the peak of Mount Warspite, but you can see it on the next range south, forming a snow-covered col on the left side of the photo, about 1/3 the way down from the top.

Thanks, Howard! See you next week!

To everyone else:

  • Happy Friday!
  • Happy American Independence Day!
  • Happy Final Friday Fold For Now… I’ll resume the blogging in August after I get back from travels out in these same mountains.