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5 May 2014

Photoshop as a means of reconstructing fault offset

I saw this fault in Texas, north of the laccolith known as Cristo Rey: Click to enlarge I had a hard time making sense of the offset in my head, though, since the layers were of inconsistent thickness. Several people tried to convince me that the offset was “normal” (that is, right side down), but it still didn’t “click” for me in the field. So I took a photo. Back …


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2 May 2014

Friday fauxld: Pennsylvanian plant fossil

Have a gander at this: Given that this is a Friday on Mountain Beltway,  you might expect to see a fold here, and indeed, there’s something wavy and high-contrast running through the center of this sample. But that’s no fold. It’s a fossil plant! A “reed” of some kind, I guess. You can also see a small fern frond in the lower right. This is a sample of the Pennsylvanian-aged …


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1 May 2014

Blogging → science

I thought this was pretty cool. Remember the blog post a year ago wherein I documented a slump on a hillside on the campus of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, adjacent to Interstate 81? Well, a student at JMU, Dan Rowson, ended up doing his research on that slump, and it turned out that the high-resolution panorama I posted was the best available image of the phenomenon. Dan emailed …


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