18 May 2014

B2B 2: the mid-Atlantic phase

Posted by Callan Bentley

LoloFolks, I’m off to lead another field course – so don’t expect much on the blog this week. This is “phase 2” of the Border to Beltway community college field exchange program. In March, over spring break, I took a dozen NOVA students to Texas to team up with a dozen students from El Paso Community College, and now it’s payback time. Our EPCC collaborators are on their way to DC. They arrive tonight, and for the next seven days, we will be traversing 6 different geologic provinces in the Mid-Atlantic region: (1) Coastal Plain, (2) Piedmont, (3) Culpeper Basin, (4) Blue Ridge, (5) Valley & Ridge, and we’ll even make it to (6) the lip of the Alleghany Plateau. It’s going to be an epic journey through more than a billion years of time, and two complete Wilson Cycles. Wish us luck!