17 December 2013

Ice oddities

Posted by Callan Bentley

I took a walk through my neighborhood on a cold morning last week. I saw some neat features in the ice.

Here’s a frozen backswamp next to Passage Creek (which lies in the tall trees just beyond the snow-covered natural levee…


My neighbors (on whose land this backswamp can be found) had driven an ATV through the ice and water the previous day, and it had created a series of broken shards in the old ice (white), annealed together with new ice (transparent / dark).


In the new ice, there were little bubbles trapped at several levels…




Some distance further along my perambulations, I found some small craters in the ice… places where some snow had presumably dropped off overlying trees and kerflumped into the slush atop the standing water…




It was a great way to start the day – just walking around in the sweet, cold air, admiring natural beauty in every direction…