20 June 2013

Headin’ west

Posted by Callan Bentley

Well, it’s that time of the year again.

Tomorrow morning, I pack up the car and head west. I’m giving myself five days to drive out to Bozeman, Montana, with three stops along the way to see people I like and talk about interesting stuff.

Next week, my family flies out to join me. It’ll be Baxter’s first plane ride! We’ve rented a condo in Bozeman for a month, and my wife and son (and mother-in-law, who’s helping us out with childcare) will base out of there while I run my annual Rockies field course for NOVA. After I’m done, we’ll enjoy ten days of the Bozeman life (adventuring in the surrounding mountains) before returning back east, visiting a different suite of friends en route. Other friends are coming into town during that interval, and I’m hoping for a reprise of some fun adventures from the last time we had a group of folks out there.

I’m more torn about making the trip to Montana this year than in previous years (when I lived in DC). Now that I’m putting down roots in the Fort Valley, it’s harder to pick up and leave for a month. I’ll miss the bears and blueberries and bugs.

I won’t be able to blog as much while I’m out west. But I’ll be back here in August. In the interim, best wishes to you for an enjoyable summer. Take it nice and easy!