13 June 2013

Another example of the perplexing mystery “fossil”

Posted by Callan Bentley

In April, I posted some images of an odd structure from some of the fossiliferous siltstones of the Fort Valley. Some of the commenters suggested it was no fossil, but simply a very small scale version of soft-sediment deformation.

Now, another “Fortian” has shown me another example, and this one is better preserved. Its lobes are (apparently) arranged radially, and the individual lobes have a striated appearance. The lobes vary in size, shape, and orientation from the “interior” (broader, rounder lobes) to the “exterior” (thin, diamond-shaped lobes, with longitudinal “ribs” or striations)… It’s almost certainly from Devonian strata.

There’s a 52 mm diameter lens cap in these images to provide a sense of scale.

NOW does anyone have any ideas? Someone please tell me and my neighbors what this thing is!