6 April 2013

Mystery fossil (?) for crowd-sourced identification

Posted by Callan Bentley

A Fort Valley neighbor brought me this sample yesterday, asking me to tell her what it was. But while my brain’s pattern-recognition centers lit up when examining its “rows” of scale-like bumps, it didn’t match up with anything that I know from anywhere else here.

Take a look, and click any of these images to enlarge it…

The source unit is likely to be the Mahantango Formation, as that is most extensive in the middle of the Fort Valley, and it’s very fossiliferous in places. It’s Devonian in age. There were plenty of spiriferid brachiopods in several other samples she brought over, collected at the same location (her yard). She’s found four like this over the past couple of years…

So, Internet, make me glad I asked you: What is this?