6 March 2013

Snow day II

Posted by Callan Bentley

There’s something so awesome about a heavy snowfall, so transformative – it really inspires me. I went out skiing this morning, and I’ve never seen our house looking more beautiful.

The snow is about 11 inches deep so far:

It’s a wet, heavy snow. Temperatures are hovering right around 32°F (0°C), so it’s sticking to everything.

Our lower driveway:

Our road:

While I was skiing across the floodplain down by Passage Creek, I heard a terrific thunder-like crackling and a thud – a big branch breaking off under this novel weight, and gravity pulling it to the forest floor. I looked, but couldn’t see any visual evidence of the drama — only the sound.

The snow wasn’t terrific for cross-country skiing. One advantage of wet, clumpy snow is that it makes climbing hills easier. But when I put my skis up against the house, this is what they looked like:

Mine are on the right. Lily’s are in the middle. And a graded bed from the Martinsburg Formation is on the far left.

The snow is still falling. It’s awesome. What a great day to be alive and in the Fort Valley!