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7 January 2013

Hoerikwaggo Trail 1: the hike

Callan begins a week-long recounting of his five-day backpacking trip from the Cape of Good Hope to Cape Town, South Africa, along the Hoerikwaggo Trail. Today, we examine scenery and logistics of the trail.


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Monday macrobug: Leafhopper from below

This leafhopper, seen through my sliding doors to the deck, is about 6 mm long. Basically, this critter is a miniature cicada!


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4 January 2013

Friday fold: Up on Opequon Creek

I got a call last month from Rebekah Wiedower, a landowner up in Frederick & Clarke counties (her family’s property includes pieces of both), inviting me to come up and look at some anticlines and synclines that Dan Doctor (USGS) had identified on the bank of Opequon Creek. I was glad to do it, though shooting these photos meant I had to wade across the stream in my sneakers (on …


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3 January 2013

Inside the French Thrust

Callan zooms in on the meso-scale structure of the French Thrust fault, exposed in Sun River Canyon, Montana.


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2 January 2013

Upturned Paleozoic strata on Highway 16, Bighorns, Wyoming

Here’s a terrific outcrop to start off the new year at Mountain Beltway. We’re back in the Bighorns of Wyoming here, on highway 16, traversing the southern portion of the range en route from Buffalo to South Pass City. Click to enlarge Annotated, expanded, and Easter-egg-embedded: Click to enlarge From a different perspective (uphill a tad, looking north), consider this GigaPan I shot at the time: link The best part …


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1 January 2013

2012 Yard List

Here’s our “yard list” of birds since we moved to the new place in June: Pileated woodpecker Red-bellied woodpecker Eastern phoebe Great blue heron White-breasted nuthatch Scarlet tanager Whippoorwill Chipping sparrow Ruby-throated hummingbird Tufted titmouse Black-capped chickadee Indigo bunting Chimney swift Red-eyed vireo Turkey vulture American crow Great crested flycatcher Louisiana warbler Broad-winged hawk Eastern bluebird Turkey Carolina wren Downy woodpecker American goldfinch Veery Yellow-billed cuckoo Brown-headed cowbird Mourning dove …


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Vulture petroglyph from Castle Gardens, Wyoming

Happy new year! Time marches on – and here’s a reminder of times past… Check this out – a couple of what appear to be vultures, etched by native Americans into the siltstone at Castle Gardens, Wyoming: Diameter of the outer circle is probably 1.5 or 2 feet. My annotated (and generally embelished) version: I love the “hunched” shoulders on these birds, and their expressionless faces. What’s the small inner …


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