31 January 2013

Passage Creek in flood

Posted by Callan Bentley

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That’s the scene in the Fort Valley today. Compare it to this image, from the morning after Hurricane Sandy, and you’ll see that we got a lot more rain yesterday than during that infamous storm last October:

You’ll also note that we are now cut off from the world. That bridge, and the flooded floodplain portion of the road, are the only ways to get a vehicle out of our neighborhood.

As near as I can tell, we got about 2.2 inches of rain yesterday and last night. It was torrential at times.

This is what the stream gauge on Passage Creek downstream at Buckton looks like while I’m writing this post:

Our connection to the outside world is under about 2.5 feet of water! … and it’s still rising.

Let’s go to the video. It’s crude and windy, but it’ll give you a sense of things here this morning: