2 October 2012


Posted by Callan Bentley

Well, it’s been kind of quiet on the Mountain Beltway front this week – but I have a good excuse.

Early on Friday morning, my son Baxter was born. The little guy arrived weighing more than 9 pounds (4.125 kg), and measuring 21 inches from beak to tail.

He’s very sweet and wonderful. Lily and I are so happy to finally have him with us.

Lola the cat is still not quite sure what’s going on, however!

Anyhow, we’re not getting a whole lot of uninterrupted sleep, so my blogging will likely continue to be on the light side for the next little while – how long, I can’t rightly say. But you can rest assured I’m working on a more important project…

Hope everyone is well. Back to the rocks soon.