8 June 2012

Friday fold: Brienz, Switzerland

Posted by Callan Bentley

Today’s fold comes to us from the Alps, courtesy of blog reader “Earth Mama.” She says:

Attached is a photo of the outcrop, near Brienz, Switzerland, and a GE screenshot of the location.  I saw this as I was looking out the train window, and was able to grab my camera in time.  Best I could find is that the formations are dated to the Mesozoic (http://myweb.facstaff.wwu.edu/talbot/cdgeol/Structure/Fold/Folds1/Recumbent.html).

First off, the location, in a Google Earth terrain view screenshot:

And now, for the folds (enlarge by clicking on it):

I like how the different outcrop faces reveal different aspects of the fold: one (in sunlight) offers a ~profile view, while another (in partial shade, immediately left of the big crack at the center) makes it appear like all we’re seeing here are a bunch of parallel but tilted strata.

Thanks for sharing, Earth Mama.