30 May 2012

Virginia geology on video: The Grenville Orogeny & the rifting of Rodinia

Posted by Callan Bentley

I’m playing around with Microsoft Expression screen capture for the book project I’m working on, and here is a video I worked up yesterday as a demonstration of this new way of telling a geologic story:

The Grenville Orogeny and the rifting of Rodinia (opening of the Iapetus Ocean):


I’m frustrated by the way my voice keeps blowing out the microphone, and how often I say “um” and how I didn’t plan the inset video so that it didn’t cover up anything critical in the image. And, of course, I’m speaking at 90 mph in order to get through 20-some slides in under 10 minutes. What do you think? Let’s have some critique, here. This is in the early stages of the game; I’m open to your input.