6 March 2012

Plane views

Posted by Callan Bentley

Some views from the airplane, over southern Wyoming (first two photos) and north-central Nevada (last four), last Saturday morning…

A canyon:

…and zooming in to the middle area of the previous photo:

Strata upwarped into a structural dome (that has been “planed off” to be topographically horizontal, revealing a bull’s-eye-shaped outcrop pattern, then differentially weathered and highlighted by snow:

Salt flat (playa lake + playa) in the Basin & Range province, just east of Reno:

…and zooming in to the central portion of the previous photo:

I didn’t have a window seat on this flight, so this is all you get – know that each of these photos was captured by leaning rudely across the lap of the person in the window seat, whom I repaid for this indignity by waxing geomorphological on everything I saw…