20 January 2012

Friday fold: one from Romney (West Virginia)

Posted by Callan Bentley

Last weekend, my wife and I joined friends for a weekend of cross-country skiing in the wonderful Canaan Valley of West Virginia. On the way back, between the towns of Burlington and Romney, West Virginia, I saw this folded shale on the north side of Route 50:

You can click on that panorama to make it a thousand pixels tall, if you want to explore it a bit. There are some nice groundwater seeps on the far right (east), making icicles in the cold air.

… Or we can just zoom in on the central portion, the short steep limb that interrupts otherwise shallowly-east-dipping strata:

With bedding annotated:

Happy Friday! May you make a serendipitous geologic discovery of your own this weekend.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I counted up the “Romney for President” signs that I saw in the town of Romney, West Virginia. There were zero.