5 January 2012

Birds I saw in South Africa

Posted by Callan Bentley

Here’s my species list for the past three weeks:

African penguin
Cape gannet
Bunch of gulls (didn’t bother differentiating them)
Bunch of terns (didn’t bother differentiating them)
Cape cormorant
Reed cormorant
White-breasted cormorant
Cattle egret
Little egret
Grey heron
Saddle-billed stork
Marabou stork
White stork
Woolly-necked stork
Greater flamingo
African spoonbill
African sacred ibis
Hadeda ibis
Glossy ibis
Egyptian goose
Some ducks (didn’t bother differentiating them)
Common moorhen
Blacksmith lapwing
Crowned lapwing
African black oystercatcher
Water thick-knee
Red-crested korhaan
Kori bustard
Blue crane
Cape spurfowl
Swainson’s spurfowl
Helmeted guineafowl
Common ostrich
White-backed vulture
Yellow-billed kite
Black-chested snake-eagle
Brown snake-eagle
Wahlberg’s eagle
Tawny eagle
African fish-eagle
Jackal buzzard
African harrier-hawk
Rock kestrel
Mourning collared dove
Red-eyed dove
Cape turtle-dove
Laughing dove
African green-pigeon
Speckled pigeon
Common pigeon
African olive-pigeon
Grey go-away-bird
Burchell’s coucal
African scops owl
Verraux’s eagle-owl
Some kind of nightjar
A bunch of swallows (didn’t bother differentiating them)
A bunch of swifts (didn’t bother differentiating them)
Speckled mousebird
White-backed mousebird
Red-faced mousebird
Some kind of bee-eater
Pied kingfisher
Woodland kingfisher
Lilac-breasted roller
Green wood-hoopoe
African hoopoe
Southern yellow-billed hornbill
Southern red-billed hornbill
African grey hornbill
Southern ground hornbill
Black-collared barbet
Crested barbet
Ground woodpecker
Cape wagtail
Fork-tailed drongo
Pied crow
Cape crow
White-necked raven
Black-headed oriole
Cape bulbul
Dark-capped bulbul
Arrow-marked babbler
Olive thrush
Karoo thrush
Mocking cliff-chat
Cape grassbird
Karoo prinia
Cape batis
African paradise-flycatcher
Magpie shrike
Red-backed shrike
Common fiscal
Southern boubou
Olive bush-shrike
Wattled starling
Red-winged starling
Common mynah
Burchell’s starling
Cape sugarbird
Red-billed oxpecker
Orange-breasted sunbird
Cape white-eye
Red-billed buffalo weaver
Cape sparrow
Southern masked-weaver
Southern red bishop
Yellow bishop
Blue waxbill
Long-tailed paradise-wydah
Cape bunting

That’s 114 total.