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10 August 2011

A trio of weathering rinds


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8 August 2011

Horned lizard

Here’s a cute little feller that we spotted in the Green River Basin of Wyoming last week, whilst checking out the Green River Formation oil shales at the White Mountain escarpment, as well as adjacent Boar’s Tusk volcanic neck and distant Killpecker Dunes. Though sometimes called “horny toads” (I myself am fond of this name), it’s not really a toad. It’s a lizard.


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Climbing Darton Peak

Callan embarks on an exhausting climb of a major summit in the Wyoming Bighorn mountains, a peak named in tribute of one of his geological heroes. Come join the trek to the top of Darton Peak!


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5 August 2011

Friday fold: Crandell Mountain

Here’s one of the first things as you drive north from Chief Mountain in Glacier National Park, and cross the border into Alberta: The mountain in the middle is Crandell Mountain, and it looms to the north above the village of Waterton Lakes, but the lovely folds it displays are best viewed from a more easterly vantage. Wacky annotation: Sign at the overlook which discusses Crandell Mountain:


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4 August 2011

Rills for thrills

Regularly-spaced erosional rills on tailings/road fill at a uranium mining operation in central Wyoming.


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3 August 2011

Gigapan of the French Thrust

To follow up on my March post on the French Thrust, here’s a gigapan of the outcrop. Sun River Canyon, Montana, of course: the Sevier fold-and-thrust belt.


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2 August 2011

Receptaculid at Medicine Wheel

On the way to visit the Bighorn Medicine Wheel, in a road-bottom outcrop of the Bighorn Dolomite (Ordovician), Callan finds a lovely receptaculid fossil (colloquially known as a “sunflower coral,” though it’s not a coral at all).


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1 August 2011

My week

This week is “Wyoming Energy Resources field trip” week! Day Start End Destination August 1st Sheridan, WY Lander, WY Gas Hills Uranium District August 2nd Lander, WY Lander, WY Green River Basin Oil Shale and South Pass/ Atlantic City Mining District August 3rd Lander, WY Newcastle, WY Smith Ranch-Highland Uranium ISR Mine and Mill near Glenrock, WY August 4th Newcastle, WY Sundance, WY Osage Oil Field and Bear Lodge Mountains …


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My wife with a boudin

Lily poses with amphibolite boudin (showing extensional veins) on the road in Kootenay Bay, British Columbia.


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Commonality contest

Here’s a contest for you: tell me what all the following items have in common. Though there are several sub-themes (readily apparent), I’m looking for the one overriding commonality for all the following 105 items: Hi-Lo Inferno The Good Life Country Squire Wildcat Wilderness Challenger Flair Catalina Sport Alpine Coach Designer Carriage Maxum Wildlife Artic Fox Crested Butte Jazz Copper Canyon Adventure Surveyor Navion Sportsmen New Vision Montana Mirada Pleasure …


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