19 August 2011

Friday fold: One from Walcott

Posted by Callan Bentley

My man Walcott contributed a lot of images to the USGS stockpile during his travels. Today, I’ll feature one from Bishop, California, from 1894:

Got it from here. Rock hammer on the left for scale. The caption reads:

Plicated layers of thin bedded chert in limestone etched by erosion, Lower Cambrian (?). Hill two miles west of Big Pine. Inyo County, California. 1894.

This is the one-year anniversary of the Friday fold. 52 weeks gone by, punctuated with lovely folds from around the planet, from me and from others. What do you think of the series? Sick of it? Worth continuing? Valued? Worthless? Let me know what you think. Maybe we’ll be back next week with another…