10 July 2011

Cascade Canyon

Posted by Callan Bentley

Following up on Friday’s fold, I wanted to share a few other images from our hike last week in Cascade Canyon of Grand Teton National Park.  Lots of cool exposures of Archean basement rock there.

Folds in gneissic banding:

Big, angular mafic blocks in a felsic soup:

Swarm of granite dikes on a mountainside:

Asymmetric feldspathic porphyroclast in amphibolite, with apparent reaction rim:

Boudinage and an isoclinal fold:

Ptygmatic fold:

A nice series of cross cutting relationships:

Me, all geared out for the hike:

The binoculars came in handy, as we encountered a bull moose in the middle distance:

Can’t see him? Let me try aiming the camera lens through the binoculars:

And then if I zoom in, I can make him take up much more of the frame:

A pretty cool beast! We had a good trip for wildlife, but this was the only bull moose spotted.