2 June 2011

Conglomerate from Dolly Sods

Posted by Callan Bentley

While my focus was more on bugs and plants than geology this time around, I did hike a new trail at Dolly Sods this past weekend, and on that trail I found several nice boulders of conglomerate. These stood out as being much coarser than the pervasive quartz sandstone of the Pennsylvanian-aged Conemaugh Group which otherwise dominates the outcrops and float of Dolly Sods. Therefore, they were photo-worthy. The conglomerate also displayed a cement of oxides rather than silica, which was different from most of the gleaming white rock you see there. Here’s a couple of photos:

Good looking stuff. There’s something charismatic in my mind about conglomerate, as compared to other sedimentary rock types.