25 May 2011

Weekend macro bugs

Posted by Callan Bentley

“Did somebody say bugs?”


…Yes, Mr. Lizard, it’s time for a photo gallery of the macro bugs I saw this past weekend. We got some caterpillars for you, some millipedes, and also a very cool moth. Feast your eyes!

Unidentified caterpillar 1:

Underwing caterpillar (?):

Unidentified caterpillar 2:


(See also here, if you haven’t already)

Sigmoria trimaculata millipede:

(At least that’s what I think it is.)

Luna moth:

Check out how much his wings change size between these next two (taken ~10 minutes apart):

This luna moth had evidently just emerged from its chrysalis and was pumping blood into its wing veins to inflate them so they could dry into big stiff aeronautical wonders. Then he can use those fine feathery antennae to home in on a perfumed lassie of the same species, and make more beautiful luna moths…

We live our lives surrounded by the most magnificent creatures!