6 April 2011

Mount Washington 5: glacial features & views

Posted by Callan Bentley

Busy days here in DC and northern Virginia… Blogging time has been limited.

A few more shots from this past summer’s time at Mount Washington, to fill the void…

Prius atop mountain:

The Great Gulf:

Hikers in relatively warm weather:

Another look down the Great Gulf:

Glacial cobble of diorite, exotic to the top of the Presidential Range, and therefore icily transported there from a distant source.

Mount Jefferson, as viewed from Mount Clay:

Deep valley:

Cog railway track:

Two trains use it. One is “green” and emits no visible plume of smoke:

The other is an abomination of industrial design, emitting huge plumes of coal soot into the air as it nosily chugs its way up the mountain. Absolutely disgusting, and unworthy of a photo.

Animated panorama from the summit of Mount Washington, looking north at (left to right) Clay, Jefferson, Adams, and Madison:

Building atop Mount Washington, made of local rock:

Hikers in relatively cool weather:

New Hampshire has mountains:

Cairn on the trail down towards Tuckerman Ravine (in background):

Tuckerman Ravine, looking east:

More later — I’ll at least be able to squeeze out one more blog post this week…